Lucinasco, perched on a hill at about 500 m, is one of the most beautiful villages in the Valley of Oneglia in the western Riviera Ligure.

Its olive groves, which spread out below the village on traditional, characteristic terraces, are composed exclusively of Taggiasca olive trees. The yield is lower than other groves in the valley, however, probably due to their particularly favourable position, the composition of the soil and the altitude,  the olive groves of Lucinasco produce an extra virgin olive oil of excellent, unrivaled quality, famous throughout Italy for its delicate taste.

Our new selection “Riviera Ligure PDO Lucinasco” is obtained from olives produced in the groves of Lucinasco and pressed in our oil mill.

Cold produced and bottled unfiltered, after a period of natural decantation.

The elegantly wrapped bottle ensures complete protection against light for a better preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

On the label, we state the total quantity of certificated oil for the year of harvest.

100% Italian oil